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Created and Designed For Every normal individuals for both who are
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Web Socket

WebSockets is bidirectional communication technology for web applications which is uses for faster communication between exchanges and server.

Trailing Buy and Sell

Trailing stops automatically adjust to the current market price of a coin, providing the investor with greater flexibility to profit, or limit a loss with trailing stoploss.

Live Trading Status

All the information provided regarding trades executed are shown in live. Ups and downs of trades can be seen realtime for manual traders.

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Design is modern and eye catchy. All the elements used are self designed and embroided for a pleasant experience for a day to day user.

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  • Potential Coin detector
  • Telegram Auto-Trader
  • Telegram Client
  • Unlimited Orders
  • Free Updates of V4
  • Mobile Version
  • Buy Trailing
  • Zig Zag Trading

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Version 4.2.448

  • Que Related Bugs Fixed
  • UI updates in right menu
  • Profit report Updated for overall profit
  • Other Minor bugs fixed

Version 4.2.445

  • System Notification Added
  • Use reply messages from telegram toggle added
  • Notification related issues fixed
  • BlueBot Chart related issues fixed
  • Minimise and expand toggle added in telegram auto trade page for config
  • Minor UI changes and Bug fixes

Version 4.2.443

  • Multiple buys and multiple sell issue in que Fixed
  • Minor UI changes
  • Other bugs and fixes

Version 4.2.442

  • Major bugs fixed
  • Major UI updates
  • News enable disable button
  • Tab UI Fixed

Version 4.2.441

  • Major UI updates done Tabs added for extra ease
  • Reworked Fall-out trigger with additional steps with spread and sell feature or Critical sell feature
  • Que related bugs fixed
  • Other Minor bugs and fixes
  • Other minor UI changes

Version 4.2.439

  • Que completed order not showing fixed
  • Timestamp issue fixed in trade log
  • Newer Algorithms for Fall-out trigger.

Version 4.2.438

  • Fall out trigger updated to precise algorythm
  • Sell all coins in Funds Fixed
  • Smart sell bugs fixed
  • Minor Bugs fixed

Version 4.2.436

  • Que updated to handle mutiple orders on same coin
  • Fall-Out Trigger adjusted to improve more efficiency
  • Stoploss related issue fixed.

Version 4.2.434

  • Fall out Trigger precission adjusted Fix
  • Que Multiple orders collision issue fixed
  • Telegram Client Emoji errors fixed
  • Que Log errors fixed
  • Other minor bug fixes

Version 4.2.433

  • Telegram Private Channel Issue Fixed
  • Sell All coins issue fixed
  • UI Issue fixed.

Version 4.2.431

  • Quick Fix update
  • Telegram Login issue Fixed
  • LTU Trigger Fixed
  • Symbol detection fixed
  • Minor UI Fixes

Version 4.2.425

  • Newer version of backend trade engine
  • Telegram client integrated
  • Que system Updated to better technology
  • Trailing updated for zero loss strategy with 50% more efficiency to prevent stop-loss.
  • Trailing editable.
  • Smart sell implemented to set ques of coins bought out of BlueBot.
  • UI updates. 
  • Security improvements
  • Bugs fixes
  • Coinmarketcal News integrated and Notification of news on per coin basis in manual trade.
  • Start on Windows boot option added to settings general tab.
  • Automatic update build
  • added to settings general tab.
  • Buy and sell at ask or bid prices button in Que.

Version 4.2.350

  • Binance critical update followed
  • minor bugs fixed.

Version 4.2.301

  • Added Bluebot Funds option on manual trade
  • One click Sell all coins at Bid button in funds
  • Buy and sell advanced BlueBot Trailing
  • Enable / Disable trailing in Que
  • Trailing log included
  • Que small bugs fixed.
  • Core upgrades
  • ImprovedUI
  • Advanced Trailing now available in manual trading
  • Trailing graph representation included
  • Other major Bug fixes and improvements Done.

Version 4.1.9

  • Feauture Execute count per channel added (Value 0 bug fixed)
  • UI bugs fixed and updated
  • Other Inhouse bug fixes and improvements done
  • Note - Always hold sufficient BNB for paying fee in Binance. BNB helps to reduce fee by 0.025% of 0.1 Normal fee and also It avoids auto sell related issues on Auto trader.
    If you care not to buy it manually auto buy BNB features is present in Settings Telegram Tab. Set you config and save it. Bot will automatically buy BNB for you when it reaches the throttle you have set.

Version 4.1.6

  • New Architecture for security
  • Faster Websocket
  • Data for more information per channel on Telegram Auto
  • Omni Calculator

Version 4.1.3

  • Que bugs fixed
  • Manually complete que in case of not completed atuomatically
  • Other bug fixes and changes

Version 4.1.2

  • Server integration done for less comsumption of bandwidth and faster data response
  • Faster coin detection and order placement
  • Custom New Chart with faster loading time
  • Channel deafult config for saf

Version 4.1.1

  • Telegram auto trader 2.0
  • Image optimization
  • Individual configs for telegram channels
  • New log system for open and completed que
  • Auto cancel buy if not filled

Version 4.1.0

  • Telegram auto trader 2.0
  • Image optimization
  • Individual configs for telegram channels
  • New log system for open and completed que
  • Auto cancel buy if not filled

Version 4.0.18

  • Que management more efficient
  • Auto sell toggle add to que
  •  Improved Telegram auto buy and sell for more efficiency

Version 4.0.15

  • Profit report feature added
  • Asset distrubution on pie chart
  • Telegram log bug fixed
  • Performance improvements and other bug fixes

Version 4.0.09

  • Trailing
  • Stop-loss
  • Notification

Version 3.1.0

  • Added Inbuilt Advanced BlueBot stoploss
  • Advanced stoploss directly from sell order
  • Calculation between trades and fee fixed
  • Automatic pump detector with coin easy access add

Version 3.0.21

  • Fix the trial issue
  • Tweaks updated for faster response
  • Fixed major bugs

Version 3.0.20

  • Tweaks updated for faster response
  • Fixed major bugs
  • Fixed bug for trial user

Version 3.0.19

  • Auto market fetch on start
  • Estimated balance
  • Tweaks updated for faster response
  • Fixed major bugs
  • Chart Updated for Orderbook

Version 3.0.17

  • Daily Profit Report
  • Added Orderbox
  • Added UI Changes

Version 3.0.16

  • Major bugs fixed
  • Daily profit report Added .

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Was skeptical of all the auto trading hype. But after using it oh my god I am actually making profits on this. A big tnx to B more...

Dinara Yuri

Really its working awesome. New version helps to solve my issues that I discussed with BlueBurn Team. Auto Pump Detector is c more...

Anu Antony
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